JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S01E11

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S01E11 Toei Channel

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S01E11 video
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S01E11 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S01E11
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Title: Gêmu no tatsujin

Genre: Animation / Action / Fantasy / Thriller / Adventure / Horror / Suspense
Air Date: Dec 14, 2012
Release Year: 1993
Ryouko Kinomiya,Junpei Takiguchi,Kouji Nakata,Arisa Andou,Takeshi Aono,Kenji Utsumi,Katsuji Mori,Kiyoshi Kobayashi,Hirotaka Suzuoki,Juurouta Kosugi,Nobuo Tanaka,Chikao Otsuka

Network: Toei Channel

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S01E11 overview:
JoJo's compatriot Straizo, now a vampire, uses a laser eye attack to pierce JoJo's head and neck. But JoJo tricks him and responds with a Ripple attack that Straizo fends off by using a scarf woven from beetle muscles. After JoJo explodes Straizo with grenades, the opponent reassembles himself and takes a hostage. JoJo finally defeats Straizo by reflecting his laser eye back onto him and combining it with a Ripple att 5b2 ack. Before committing suicide, Straizo warns JoJo of a "Pillar Man" who will soon awaken. Meanwhile, Speedwagon is being interrogated in Mexico by a ...

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