Food Unwrapped S10E01

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Food Unwrapped S10E01 Channel 4

Food Unwrapped S10E01 video
Food Unwrapped S10E01 Food Unwrapped S10E01
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Title: Crocodile Meat & Eggs, Cod Liver Oil, Bagels

Genre: Documentary / Food
Air Date: January 9, 2017
Release Year: 2012
Kate Quilton,Matt Tebbutt,Jimmy Doherty,James Watt,Martin Dickie

Network: Channel 4

Food Unwrapped S10E01 overview:
Kate's down under, on the trail of one of the most exotic meats going: crocodile. It's started popping up on our supermarket shelves, but h 111f ow on earth do you farm such a dangerous animal? Kate undertakes a terrifying task in Darwin in Northern Australia: collecting freshly laid crocodile eggs from under their mother's nose. Meanwhile: cod liver oil; rather than using cod, could you make oil from salmon or haddock livers for example? Jimmy's search for the answer takes him first to Grimsby, where he picks his way through tonnes of fish guts, before a trip to Iceland makes everything clear. And bagels' ingredients are virtually the same as bread, so how come they taste so different? Matt wants to visit New York, the spiritual home of the bagel, to find out, but instead finds himself in Rotherham, inside the largest bagel factory in Europe.

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